Equipment for Hire

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Gates F5/55 Underwater Housing and Sony F5 Camera with R5 4K RAW Camera

All aluminium housing with manual camera controls. Suitable for either Sony F5 or F55 cameras. 

Housing package includes:

  • 2 side handles

  • 1 top handle

  • PR126 port extender

  • PR326 port extender

  • 8” glass dome port

  • E/O external audio connector

  • EM50 monitor with 2 batteries and charger

  • Various guide rods and shafts for lens gears

  • Focus and Zoom lens gears for Nikon 10-24 and 17-55 lenses

  • Aperture gear for Nikon lenses

  • Gates Seal Check system

  • Standard housing back for internal recording

  • Extended housing back for use with Sony R5 orR7 RAW recorders

  • Spare parts

  • Spare O-rings

  • Tools

  • 2 x Pelican Storm cases

Both camera and housing will be available for sale early 2020. Enquire within.


Green Force 4000 Lumen Underwater Squid Video Lights

  • 2 x Green Force 4000 lumen squid video light heads, full or half power switchable

  • 2 x cables

  • 2 x Hybrid battery packs with rechargeable batteries; 1 charger;  (run time 50 min at full power); also includes 2 battery sleds for AA batteries

  • 2 x extended battery packs with rechargeable batteries; 2 chargers; (run time 2.5 hours at full power)

Lights will be available for sale early 2020. Enquire within.